Siavash Shahsavari
Also known asSiavash Shahsavari
Born18 / مهر/ 1366 ( age 33 ) 10 October 1987
GenresPersian Pop Music
Classical Music
Pop Rock
Blues Rock
Crossover Music
Folk Rock
Rock and Roll
Trance Music
Instruments ViolinPianoGuitar, Mandolin
Years active1991–present
Associated actsArsalan Kamkar
Mahdi Attarian
Farzad Hassani
Saeid Afrogh
Esmaeil Siahpoosh
Amir Sinaki
WebsiteOfficialSiavash Website
Siavash Shahsavari

Siavash Shahsavari

Siavash Shahsavari (Persian: سیاوش شهسواری), He was born in October 10, 1987 in Qazvin Province, Iran. better known by his stage name Siavash (Persian: سیاوش), is an Iran singer. Persian speaking world.pianistviolinistguitarist who plays both Spanish and electric guitarmandolinharmonicapercussionoud ,Kokhon ,Dulcimer.

When he was only 4 he was playing a handmade instrument which helped him realize his talent and capability to play the instrument. When he grew up, he chose the piano and violin as his main instrument at the Conservatory of Music.

His profession both in Iran and Austria is music

He is a singer, a musician, a composer, a songwriter (who writes lyrics for Persian songs) a pianist, a violinist, a guitarist who plays both Spanish and electric guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion, oud, Kakhon, Dulcimer.


Once there was a playful child who used his talent and amazing creativity to build an elementary musical instrument similar to a dulcimer. This boy didn’t throw away the bicycle brake cables but used them to build the instrument. He then shredded wooden boxes to use the planks to make that instrument, which was his toy. Nobody knew what the child was up to. He was only four years old. Other kids of his age had expensive toys. But why did he collect the old wood planks every day? His mother was angry and kept throwing the wooden planks away, but the child repeated the shredding every day until the mother learned one day why her child kept collecting them. The mother realized the reason for his actions. He chose the suitable planks to make toys.

Although he had no knowledge of music at his age. It was so interesting that his instrument strings were set from the loose to the tight to produce the sound, he enjoyed its sound. He sometimes gave such toys to other children as a gift. Nobody knew it was not just a hobby but a means to bring the child to the sound of the music. After a while, his interest in this instrument grew more and more. Whenever this child, accompanied with his family, passed alongside the shops of music instruments, he stopped behind the shop window and stared at instruments for a few minutes. He lived in a small town where there were no music stores. The nearest big city was located about five kilometers away from where he lived. He either walked or rode his bicycle to reach the city. For window-shopping, he decided to travel the distance every day, without his family’s knowledge, to watch the musical instruments. Finally, when he grew up and was old enough to work, he got a job at a small food distribution company, he began to save his earnings, aimed at materializing his dream, namely possession of a musical instrument, but his income was too low to pay for any instruments. Taking all his accumulated savings along with his birth certificate, without his family’s knowledge, he headed towards the city center and entered the usual music store. Glancing at every one of the music instruments, he finally caught sight of one of them, gazing at it with eagerness. He pointed to it with his finger. The shopkeeper took the instrument out, but the youth could not play it. The shopkeeper played the instrument for him. The excited boy happily chose that instrument. Then he paid half the price in cash and said he would leave his birth certificate as a collateral against the remainder. But the owner refused to sell it that way. The youth insisted. He finally took home the instrument after promising to pay off his debt in two installments

He decided to hide the instrument in a closet, so no one would know about it for a long time. Sometimes he took the violin out of the closet and touched the strings to make sounds. But he could not play it. After a while he decided to start learning how to play the violin, so he went to a violin teacher for training. But after a while, he quit the school as he had figured out that the training was wrong. One of his friends owned a guitar. So he borrowed his guitar to practice it. Hence he was familiarized with music. Thus his parents realized his interest in music and noticed his enthusiasm. They finally encouraged him to go to Tehran to continue learning music. He did so with the encouragement of his parents. For academic education in music he attended the classed in the Conservatory of Music where he began learning how to play the violin etc. Then Professor Arsalan Kamkar taught him how to play the violin professionally. After a while, he continued to play the piano under the training of Professor Mojtaba Tabesh. He also learned music theory, rhythm reading, solfeggio, harmony, composing and music arrangement, so that he could compose music. Siavash composed his first piece of music at the age of 18.


Cooperation with IRIB

Member of Iranian Music Center (Khaneh Mussighi) Iran

Member of Artists Syndicate Association

Member of Artists Credit Fund Official

Member of FIM (International Federation of Musicians

Member of AFM American Federation of Musicians

Songs by Siavash

Sky is about to cry

Wish you knew

My days of loneliness

Songs in the night

I have good feeling



Smooth Criminal (Instrument(

I have the world with you

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